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Day Time League
Monday 6pm to 11:00pm Coed C 6's / C+ Coed 6's
Tuesday 6pm to 11:00pm Coed C 6's / Coed D 6's
Wednesday 6pm to 11:00pm Coed C 6's / Coed D 6's
Thursday 6pm to 11:00pm Coed C 6's / Coed D 6's
Friday 6pm to 11:00pm Coed C 6's / Coed D 6's
Sunday 6pm to 11:00pm Coed C 6's / Coed D 6's


14 years of age


  • Rally scoring will be used in all games.
  • Best of 3 matches in 21-21-15 format, capped at 23 and 17.
  • Minimum of 4 players, no less than 2 guys and no less than 2 girls.
  • A female must play the ball if a team contacts the ball more than once.
  • Blocks do not count as a touch.
  • A service that hits the net is a live ball.


All J-Town Beach volleyball events will cease at the first sign of thunder or lightening. The court will be cleared and J-Town Beach guests will be asked to seek shelter.

Play will resume 30 minutes after both the last sound of thunder and after the last flash of lightning. If no signs of thunder or lightning are present and conditions are determined to be playable by J-Town Beach staff, all volleyball play will continue as scheduled.

If weather conditions do not improve or are determined to be unfavorable by J-Town Beach staff, a rain-out will be declared for scheduled matches that day. Rain-out matches will be made up on Saturday of the same week that the rain-out was declared. J-Town Beach staff will coordinate match times and communicate them to team captains as quickly as possible.

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